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Reduce CV Fraud
A survey in 2006 conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, claims up to 7.5 million people may not have been truthful to a potential employer during the recruitment process.

Skills Tests

Online Skills Testing:

Enable you to schedule multi skills assessments.

Can consist of random questions.

Can be scheduled as customised question collections with up to 6 different categories.

Can be extracted from existing question collections.

17,500+ questions in 485 categories.

You can benchmark candidates against standard tests or create your own customised test collections.

Provide online assessments that notifies candidates by email and records their results for review by the assessor immediately.

Upon completion by the candidate the results become instantly available to the scheduler and email notification is automatic.

Special Features:

Tests are sent automatically by email.

Invitation email can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements.

Tests are available directly from our database for portal services to client's testing websites.

Benchmark against specific skills levels.

Invite multiple candidates at any time.