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Reduce CV Fraud
Research suggests that those in junior positions are 23% more likely to have a discrepancy on their CV than in a managerial role. Younger applicants are more likely to embelish their CVs.

Privacy Policy

When you apply for an account, we will collect the information necessary for us to provide you with our services. For example, you will be required to provide information about your business such as it's name, address, contact details and some other basic information. We will also ask for some information about you such as your name and contact details. We may collect other information from you if you complete other forms within the web site or contact us, or other members, with comments or requests.

We use the personal information to provide our services to you. Where appropriate we will also use it to confirm that you represent your business, that our services are suitable for your business and to set up the payment mechanism. This will involve our disclosing the personal information to carefully selected third parties. We may also use the personal data to tailor the web site to your needs and to provide you with details of products and services which we think will be of interest to you.

We also automatically collect information about your visit to our Web site. By following your browsing preferences on our Web site, we can regularly improve it.

Upon request we will happily and demonstrably remove all references to you in our systems.