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Reduce CV Fraud
A survey in 2006 conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, claims up to 7.5 million people may not have been truthful to a potential employer during the recruitment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don't see the test category that I want to ask questions on. Can you supply it?
A. The answer is "Yes, probably". We can add questions of your choosing onto our database, on almost any subject. Please contact us for a scale of charges. We can also arrange to put new questions of your choice onto our database.
Q. I've got test credits, when are they debited from my account?
A. As soon as you send notification to a candidate to take a test, a test credit is debited from your account.
Q. My candidate hasn't taken their test can I get the test credit back?
A. Yes. From the Main Menu choose the appropriate TestNet, click on the >> sign under Testing Results, this will take you to the TestNet Applicant Details page. Choose your candidate who hasn't responded to their email, and then click on "Delete Untaken Test". To give the candidate another chance, you can click on "Send Reminder". However, if a candidate has partially taken a test and not completed it then that test credit will have been removed from our system.
Q. Do I lose a test credit every time I create a new test?
A. No. You are not charged for creating a test.
Q. Is there more time given to answer a longer question?
A. Yes. An explanation of the time allowed for each question is given on the "Create TestNet Wizard - Add a Skills Test" page.
Q. What is the maximum number of questions that I can have in a skills test?
A. 60.
Q. Can I compose a TestNet with random questions in it?
A. No. E-validator no longer supports this feature.
Q. Does my PC have to have special features to support E-validator?
A. Now Do It tests need Flash to be configured on your candidate's PC