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Reduce CV Fraud
When the economy takes a knock there is a definite increase in CV fraud. Applicants who think their abilities are short of the required standards add a few additional extras to their profile.

Purchase Test Credits

To use e-validator's tests, you must have an account with at least one TestNet credit. A TestNet credit allows you to schedule and take a single test.

Companies can schedule any of e-validator's test types for candidates. Test types can be bundled in to a test collection known as a TestNet. Prospective candidate's can be sent an email inviting them to take the tests in the TestNet. A test type taken by one candidate is charged at one TestNet credit. eg. You purchase ten TestNet credits because you create a TestNet that includes screening questions and skill test questions (two different test types) and invite five candidates to take these tests.

1-49 TestNet credits - £9.00 each
50-74 TestNet credits - £8.50 each
75-99 TestNet credits - £8.00 each
100-149 TestNet credits - £7.50 each
150-199 TestNet credits - £7.00 each
200-299 TestNet credits - £6.50 each
300+ TestNet credits - £6.00 each

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